Featured Projects

Interior Applications

We follow the contemporary trends in design, and we take the concrete work in residential, commercial or industrial interiors. Our exceptional concrete work offers an aesthetic break from the norm of granite, marble or hard woods, while it provides a long-lasting, durable solution for your construction projects.

We follow standardized projects or we can come up with creative, trend-setting ideas for custom work.

Exterior Applications

When guests or clients reach your house, restaurant, store or resort, their first steps are on your driveways, walkways or patios. Welcome them with one of our exquisite concrete flatwork to walk on.

Our technology and strong expertise in flatwork allow the concrete installations to easily compete aesthetically with stone, brick masonry or other high-end materials.

Concrete Basics Principles

Attention to Detail

Our outstanding attention to detail, capacity to work under precise regulations, deadlines, and budgets, along with unparalleled quality of work have built the company‚Äôs reputable clientele. That, plus our financial and bonded capability have made domestic and global organizations…

Custom Design & Integrity

Our versatility lies in our proven ability to strictly follow instructions for standardized projects but to also come up with creative, trend-setting ideas for our custom works. We value integrity and commitment, thus our extensive R&D program make Concrete Basics a truly safe and desirable workplace…

Exceptional Standards 

Homeowners, architects and designers continue to choose Concrete Basics for their residential endeavors because we meet each project, no matter the size and scope, with the same professional standards and consideration. Based in Palm Springs, the glamorous, mid-century modern lifestyle has imprinted on…